Our Mission

At Eztia, we are engineering technologies that advance human health, protect our planet, and promote global equity.
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Our Values

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Advance human health

We create novel solutions to problems that affect people's health and well-being where the status quo just isn't good enough.
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Protect our planet

We nurture a healthier planet by prioritizing reusability, sourcing sustainable materials, and making water—not electricity—the core of our technology.
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Build an equitable world

We envision a global community that's better for our presence in it. Eztia works to improve technology access for underprivileged populations.
A Team on a Mission

We dedicate our work to the world.

We are committed to being socially responsible and making a positive impact on the world we live in. We hold ourselves accountable by publishing impact reports. For every 9 products sold, we donate the tenth to someone who needs it but cannot afford it.
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Meet the Founder

Hi! I'm Tiffany.

A physician who trained at the University of Pennsylvania and a materials engineer from MIT, I got tired of sitting on ice packs to manage a health condition and set out to create cold therapy wearables that improve daily life. As a Taiwanese immigrant and admirer of Mother Nature, I created Eztia with a company ethos to serve the overlooked while fostering a positive connection between human health and our planet.
Our Story

We hope you enjoy using our product as much as we enjoy building it.

Sept 2021

Eztia's cooling technology is conceptualized

The company founder, Tiffany Yeh, investigates the basis of cooling polymers while juggling medical school.
July 2022

Eztia launches as a company

Tiffany graduates from medical school and shares her vision for cold therapy wearables with the world.
Oct 2022

We publish our first research articles on mind x body

At Eztia, our goal is to empower you with the information you need to manage your health. We distill research into credible and enjoyable reads.
Nov 2022

We file our patent and start developing the material in lab

We're running experiments at the Pennovation Center to bring Eztia's material to life!
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Join us at the intersection of human health x tech x planet.

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